Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Python - Number guessing game using binary search

I'm doing problems out of the 57 exercises for programmers book and ran into an interesting one. The objective is to have the program pick a random number between 1-n (where n is 10, 100, 1000 based on the difficulty level), and then the player picks numbers. The program reports if they need to go lower or higher. 

So I made the game and made a player that uses a binary search strategy. Pretty fun making this :)

The Code

import random import math class GuessGame(): CORRECT = 0 HIGHER = 1 LOWER = -1 def __init__(self, difficulty): self.difficulty = difficulty self.max = int(math.pow(10, difficulty)) self.number = random.randint(1, self.max) self.guesses = 0 def guess(self, guess): self.guesses += 1 if guess == self.number: return GuessGame.CORRECT elif guess < self.number: return GuessGame.HIGHER else: return GuessGame.LOWER def strategy_binarySearch(): MAX_GUESSES = 100 guessGame = GuessGame(3) ceiling = guessGame.max floor = 0 while guessGame.guesses < MAX_GUESSES: myGuess = (ceiling + floor)/2 print "Floor={0} Ceiling={1}. My guess is {2}".format(floor, ceiling, myGuess) result = guessGame.guess(myGuess) if result == GuessGame.CORRECT: print "I got it correct in {0} guesses".format(guessGame.guesses) return elif result == guessGame.HIGHER: print "The answer is higher" floor = myGuess else: print "The answer is lower" ceiling = myGuess print "" strategy_binarySearch()

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