Friday, April 3, 2015

Attack formations in Boom Beach

I switch up my armies depending on the enemy's base.

1. Defenses mostly away from the HQ - 100% warriors.

2. Defenses are heavily anti-infantry (anything that deals area damage), such as rocket launchers, shockers, flamethrowers - a mix of tanks and medics.

For example, this resource base has 7 rocket launchers and like 8 MGs. Tanks/medics had no problem with this.

3. Defenses are heavily anti-tank (anything that attacks 1 target a time), such as sniper towers and canons - swarm with heavies and riflemen. I like riflemen over zookas, because they are faster and therefore more maneuverable.

4. Defenses are a mix of anti-infantry and anti-tank, and the two types of defenses are "layered", so that anti-infantry or anti-tank is the first layer. - in this case i like a combo of tanks & rifles and medics. Depending on the first layer, send in either the tanks or rifles first.
For example, this resource base has a bunch of anti-infantry defenses up front, and then anti-tank defenses in the back. The best way to approach this is to send in the tanks first to clear out the anti-infantry defenses, then release the rifles. The rifles should then get in front of the tanks and swarm the anti-tank defenses. The key here is to swarm the defenses, and rifles are perfectly suited for this since they are medium range, cheap, and you can pack a whole bunch on an LC.

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