Saturday, March 21, 2015

Learning strategy

I just finished a book on algorithms and am now looking for my next read. Before reading the Pragmatic Programmer book I didn't really have any plans for improving as a programmer, and just did projects and learned specific things when I needed them for a project. Since reading that, a little over a year ago now, I've read quite a few software development books. My strategy is to read one books at a time at different levels:
1. High level - for example, project management, Joel on Software 
2. Design level - for example, refactoring, design patterns
3. Code level - for example, algorithms

In college I was mainly taught at the coding level. That's great, because it gave me a strong foundation. The other two levels are what I was lacking. Since reading books in those levels I have found myself improving as a programmer. I believe a strong coding foundation is vital, and the other two levels are what key to becoming a great programmer.

So now that I've finished a book in the coding level I'm going to head back up to the high level, perhaps something on agile methodology.

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