Sunday, November 9, 2014

Is it 'coder' or 'software engineer'?

Is it coder? Is it software engineer? Programmer? Software developer?

Those are just job titles meaning the same thing: get a problem, design the solution to that problem, code the solution, and then test the code you wrote. Depending on the size of the problem and the team these things might get partitioned out such that individuals are given a smaller problem to solve. But it always boils down to those four tasks:
1) receive requirements 
2) design the solution 
3) write the code
4) test what you wrote

Notice I said receive the requirements, which is quite vague? That's because sometimes you're going to be the one gathering the requirements from the customer, and other times you're going to get a detailed spec saying which component you're responsible for, and everything in between.

Testing is the same way; minimally you are going to unit test the code YOU wrote. If you're a one man shop you're going to also need to do full blown testing on the entire program.

Requirements and testing are jobs that can be done by non-programmers. Sometimes the programmers have to do those jobs though. In any case a programmer/coder/SWengineer is always going to do those 4 things mentioned above no matter what your job title.

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