Friday, November 7, 2014

Dexterity - Alternate form will not checkin to source safe

I modified a form and can't check it into the repository. I've tried several things, including hitting Update SCC state over and over, but it always stays as "Main Product"

Sometimes you just need to bypass Dexterity to get things to work. In this case I manually added the exported alternate form into the VSS and tricked it into working.

1. Export the alternate form as a text file
2. Copy it to the VSS server
3. Add it into the repository
4. In Dex do Update SCC state. Notice that it no longer says Main Product
5. Lock the resource and check it in.

Step 5 is important because when you check in an alternate resource it only saves the parts you modified, and since we had to force it into the repository it had everything, including all the original form's fields. So locking and checking in gets it into the right state.

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