Friday, October 17, 2014

Scroll window won't fill from table reference in Dexterity

I have a global table reference. It's used to display session info to the user, and is populated from several modules during runtime.

When I try to fill the scrolling window from this reference using the syntax:
fill window LineScroll table(<table reference>)
it's not filling the window.

This appears to be a bug (or undocumented limitation?) in Dex.

I got around this limitation by doing a range copy from the table reference to the local table buffer.

clear table (tmpTableRef);
range clear table (tmpTableRef);
'Company ID' of table (tmpTableRef) = 'Company ID' of globals;
clear ProductID of table (tmpTableRef);
range start table (tmpTableRef) by number 1;
fill ProductID of table (tmpTableRef);
range end table (tmpTableRef) by number 1;

range copy table (tmpTableRef) to table tmpTable;

fill window LineScroll by number 1;

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