Friday, August 29, 2014

Dexterity open form return to is not causing the change script to run in the returned to field

I have two forms: Batch and MassAddTransactions. Batch has a button called Mass Add Transactions. This calls open form MassAddTransactions return to '(L) ProcessReturnFromMassAdd'. Then in MassAddTransactions the "Done" button does return true; The purpose of this is to signal the Batch window to fire the ProcessReturnFromMassAdd change script.

The problem is the change script is not firing!

My (L) ProcessReturnFromMassAdd field was a boolean. Changing this field to a Long Int, and then returning 0 to it caused the change script to run as expected.

This must be an undocumented requirement for using the open form return to statement, or perhaps it's a bug.

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