Monday, November 11, 2013

"Sharing failed due to network issues" - "Not Implemented" in the lync client log

"Sharing failed due to network issues"
when a user tries to share with anyone.

This appears to only happen when the user logs into lync without being connected to the VPN. If they connect to the VPN then everything is fine.

I had the user run a client side log and send it to me.

I saw the following entry:
SIP/2.0 501 Not Implemented

Ms-diagnostics: 9008;source="";reason="Version not supported";component="MediaRelayEdge"
Ms-diagnostics-public: 9008;source="";reason="Version not supported";component="MediaRelayEdge"

<?xml version="1.0"?> <response xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" requestID="522043072" version="2.0" serverVersion="2.0" to=";gruu;opaque=srvr:MRAS:if1-iWfHUV-Iz_Qv9m5atgAA" from="" reasonPhrase="Version Mismatch" xmlns="" />

When i look at the call before this error i see

<request xmlns="" requestID="1138340784" version="3.0" 

 It's expecting version 2.0 but the client is using version 3.0 in the call.

The user is using the Lync 2013 client, whereas the server is Lync Server 2010. This seems to indicate the 2013 client does not work in this situation with 2010. The resolution, unless Microsoft releases a patch, is to uninstall the 2013 client and have them use 2010 client instead.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lost connection to the Web Conferencing Edge Server

Error messages repeatedly logged, "Lost connection to the Web Conferencing Edge Server" from LS Data MCU.

I followed the advice here: and disabled IPv6, but that didn't solve the problem.

It turns out this had to do with a previous OCS 2007 installation which left orphaned records in the Active Directory. This OCS 2007 installation was abandoned and never used in production, and therefore when Lync 2010 was installed it was not a migration. This is because the person installing Lync 2010 (me) had no idea that OCS 2007 was attempted to be installed on our system.

So i followed the advice here:

and removed all references to the objects created during the OCS 2007 installation. This has gotten rid of the rampant error messages, and most likely has solved some other painful issues we've had that, which have been quite baffling.

Lync Application Host failed to start -- Audio Test Service

The audio test service won't start.

This is because domain is wrong. So my Audio Test Service is trying to use address@mydomain, notice the .com is missing? Yes, this is a bug in lync, because i definitely updated the SIP address to be, but it didn't update this setting. So here's how to update the domain address for the Audio Test Service

1. If you don't have ADSIEdit then you'll need to install it on a server in your domain.  This article explains how to get it =  Adsiedit.

2. On your Lync Server open Lync Server Management Shell and execute Get-CsAudioTestServiceApplication

3. Use the information in the "Identity" to navigate to the proper spot in ADSIEdit.
For example, mine was located at MyCompany.local > System > Microsoft > RTC Service > Application Contacts > {GUID}

4. Fix the attributes "msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress" and "proxyAddresses".  To save some sanity copy and paste the value from the msRTCSIP_PrimaryUserAddress after fixing it, and pasting it into proxyAddresses, add it, then remove the old one, this is so you don't have to manually type it in.

5. Start the Audio Test Service

Note: I noticed the same error in these Call Park Service, RGS Presence Watcher, Announcement Service too.