Wednesday, May 1, 2013

User account repeatedly locked out when using Lync

When the user first logs onto their computer their domain account gets locked out. This is before explicitly trying to login to anything. They have Lync installed and it automatically starts.

It turns out Lync attempts to login repeatedly to the Exchange server, and if it fails it keeps trying. This results in the account being locked out.

If the user changed their password, it doesn't update in the password vault. The "credentials required" prompt pops up repeatedly, and won't accept the new password.

The solution then is to remove the password from the password vault, and then enter the the credentials in the "credentials required" box.

1. Start -> Cmd
2. type "control userpasswords2"
3. Advanced tab
4. Managed Passwords button
5. In the Generic Credentials section look for "Microsoft_OC1:uri=...."
6. Click it and click Remove from vault

Now you can enter the credentials in "credentials required" and it will accept it, and save it in the password vault. 

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