Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Subtely in chess

"Subtle ninja moves take more Queens than Henry the 8th" - me.

What I mean by subtle moves is, for instance, let's say the opponent has their queen sitting out in the middle with no protection. A direct assault on the queen would involve moving a piece into the killing lane of the queen, like bringing a knight out. A subtle move would be moving a pawn up, looking like it's being moved in order to protect another pawn that's out, thus opening up the killing lane for the bishop to take the queen.

This sort of thing works all the time. This works especially well on aggressive players.

An opponent once had two queens, because I stupidly let him advance a pawn without resistance. Using subtlety I was able to kill both of his queens. This is a move that i especially love. Have a knight in front of a piece, blocking that piece from putting the opponent's king in check. When a good opportunity arises, move the knight into killing range of a target piece, which then opens the piece behind it, putting the king in check. This results in your knight getting a free kill.

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