Friday, May 31, 2013

CRM 2011 and Reporting Services "ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

In CRM 2011 trying to run a report you get an error that says "invalid argument" (may be different). In the event viewer you see the error "ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null", mine says "name cannot be null"

1. On the CRM server open up the Windows Firewall
2. Look for the inbound rule for the Local Port 808
3. Enable this rule


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mak's poem about uplifting phrases

Reap what you sow
Ok, i'll sow awesomeSeeds
You are what you eat
Fine i'll eat some AwesomeSauce
Treat others how you want to be treated
I don't think i should do that in public

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Subtely in chess

"Subtle ninja moves take more Queens than Henry the 8th" - me.

What I mean by subtle moves is, for instance, let's say the opponent has their queen sitting out in the middle with no protection. A direct assault on the queen would involve moving a piece into the killing lane of the queen, like bringing a knight out. A subtle move would be moving a pawn up, looking like it's being moved in order to protect another pawn that's out, thus opening up the killing lane for the bishop to take the queen.

This sort of thing works all the time. This works especially well on aggressive players.

An opponent once had two queens, because I stupidly let him advance a pawn without resistance. Using subtlety I was able to kill both of his queens. This is a move that i especially love. Have a knight in front of a piece, blocking that piece from putting the opponent's king in check. When a good opportunity arises, move the knight into killing range of a target piece, which then opens the piece behind it, putting the king in check. This results in your knight getting a free kill.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crazy compound high intensity exercises

Doing deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and all that good stuff is fun and makes you strong as a bull on steroids, but they get pretty boring. So here's a few crazy compound exercises I like to do.

Dead Farmer Squat and Push
Grab some heavy dummies or kettlebells and put them on the ground next to your feet.

1. Deadlift the weights into a standing position
2. Walk slowly around the gym
3. Squat down and put the weights on the ground
4. Thrust your legs backwards so you're in pushup position and do a few pushups
5. Jump back up and get into deadlift position
6. Repeat until your forearms explode

This combines the deadlift, squat thrust, pushups, forearm grip, and walking around with heavy weights. Any exercise that has natural movements (i.e. walking) in it with weight combined is a really good thing. It makes doing that movement in real life easier.

Slow Pushup and Plank
Get a stopwatch

1. Start in the up pushup position (this is the plank) and start the stopwatch
2. Hold yourself in this position for 20 seconds and then slowly lower yourself to the ground (like  you're doing a pushup)
3. Hold yourself at the bottom for a few seconds and then slowly lift yourself back up
4. It should take 10 seconds total to complete steps 2-3
5. Repeat a few times (i do 1 minute of this, rest, and repeat)

This combines the plank and a pushup, so it hits your core and your upper body really hard.

Burpee Pullups
Find a pullup bar

You can start with the burpee or the pullup, doesn't matter. In this case i'll start with the burpee.

1. Stand straight up
2. Squat down and then drop into pushup position (kicking your legs out)
3. Do a few pushups
4. Jump forward and stand up
5. Immediately do a pull up
6. Repeat until you can no longer do a pullup or pushup

Burpees combine a squat thrust with a pushup, and then on top of that you have the upper-body destroying pull up. This hits every part of your body, and maybe more importantly it quickly pumps up your heart rate, which is perfect for high intensity interval training.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

.net check if other forms are open

I need to know if any other forms are open in the .NET application

Use Application.OpenForms

This returns a FormsCollection.

In my case I only need to check if the number of objects is greater than 1 (which means there are other forms opened other than the one that this is being called from).


Friday, May 3, 2013

SharePoint: drag and drop functionality

I am sitting here thinking about how tedious it's going to be to try to organize all of my company's docs in SharePoint. There's two ways I already knew about: 1) Save the doc to my computer, then re-upload to the new location in SharePoint 2) Use the "Send to location" button.

Fortunately there's a third AWESOME way.

In your document library:
1. Click the Library tab
2. Click Open with Explorer
This allows you to manage your SharePoint library with Windows Explorer. Yup! You can navigate through your library just like you would navigate your file system. You can create folders, move files around, etc...

1. The comments in this article

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

User account repeatedly locked out when using Lync

When the user first logs onto their computer their domain account gets locked out. This is before explicitly trying to login to anything. They have Lync installed and it automatically starts.

It turns out Lync attempts to login repeatedly to the Exchange server, and if it fails it keeps trying. This results in the account being locked out.

If the user changed their password, it doesn't update in the password vault. The "credentials required" prompt pops up repeatedly, and won't accept the new password.

The solution then is to remove the password from the password vault, and then enter the the credentials in the "credentials required" box.

1. Start -> Cmd
2. type "control userpasswords2"
3. Advanced tab
4. Managed Passwords button
5. In the Generic Credentials section look for "Microsoft_OC1:uri=...."
6. Click it and click Remove from vault

Now you can enter the credentials in "credentials required" and it will accept it, and save it in the password vault.