Friday, March 22, 2013

Alexander the Great

Summary: Built a bridge to an island. Tyre sent fire ships to burn it. When Alexander finally took the city he killed lots of civilians, the first time his character started to change from a benevolent conqueror to a destroyer.

Summary: When Alexander seiged Gaza, Batis didn't want to surrender to him. This enraged Alexander. He was further enraged when he was hit by an enemy arrow. So, when Alexander breached and took the city he killed Batis brutally, by putting ropes through his heels and dragging him to death behind a chariot.

Note: This is what Achilles did to Hector in the Trojan war as well.

Note 2: A famous incident of this happened in modern times during a US Army Rangers operation in Mogadishu, Somalia. The operation was botched, and the Somalians overran the Americans. They drug the body of a killed soldier through the streets.

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