Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lots of duplicate contacts in CRM 2011

Just discovered this problem. There are thousands of duplicate contact records in our CRM 2011. At first when i discovered there were duplicates i thought it was a data entry error, but there are literally thousands of them, so it must be systematic.

It turns out there's a new setting in CRM 2011 that automatically creates contacts if you track an email using CRM for Outlook. The problem is we were missing duplicate detection rules which would have prevented the duplicates from being created. I read somewhere that this may possibly cause the email tracking to not work though, so i'm opting to have users turn off that setting.

1. Turn off the "Auto Create Contact" setting. This is in File->Options->Email tab, then at the bottom there's a checkbox called "Create". Uncheck it

2. Create a Duplicate Detection Rule for Contacts. I created mine with the conditions "Account is exact match, full name is exact match, email is exact match"

3. Run the Duplication Detection job on Contacts. This will show all potential duplicates based on the rule you just created.

4. In my scenario i have to Merge records, because duplicates have been created for several months now. So users have probably used the duplicate contacts for cases, activities, etc...

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  1. Thank you for posting this blog. It is very helpful. I notice that the Duplicate Detection Rule (DDR) on the Contact (same 1st and last name and birthdate) does NOT apply when tracking emails. Do you know a way apply the DDR on tracked emails?