Thursday, April 26, 2012

CD will not AutoPlay

CD won't AutoPlay.

I tried many proposed solutions but it ultimately ended up being a program that was interfering with AutoPlay.

I followed the steps here:, and by process of elimination determined it was HP Update causing the problem.

1.  Start->type msconfig

2. In General tab select Selective Startup

3. Click Services tab

4. Check Hide all Microsoft Services

5. Uncheck half of the checked services

6. Click Apply

7. Restart

8. If the CD still won't autoplay, repeat steps 3-7 until all of the services have been disabled or until it works. If you've tried all the services and it won't work do the same thing in Startup.

9. If the last disable batch caused it to start now reverse the process, by enabling half of the ones you just disabled, and continue to do this until it stops working again. Keep enabling/disabling until you narrow it down to one item.

Once you find the culprit keep it disabled. In my case it was a program that wasn't vital or necessary so i uninstalled it.

Other Solutions to try 



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